Leith Rules Golf Society
The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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AGM 2006



Eighteen members attended on a rather dreich January evening and a further 17 sent apologies

A raffle drawn by President, Douglas Foulis raised £64 for Club funds.

The Secretary, Pat Denzler, summarised the work of the committee during the year and Robin Morris, Treasurer, presented the accounts for the year.
He reported a record surplus of income over expenditure due to the continuing levels of generous sponsorship which will enable further funds to be put into our Special Projects account.

Membership survey. Alastair Chalmers reported on the membership survey, undertaken to gain a greater idea of what members expect from the Society. The reason for membership was split equally between interest in the history of Leith and the history of Golf. Playing members outnumbered golfers by two to one and following up on some of the recommendations a golf match was arranged in September against Musselburgh Old and a quiz held after the AGM.  


2005 events. Reports were given by members of the committee;  “Nearest the Pin” competition run as part of the Leith Festival “Big Picnic”, our Match against Musselburgh Old Course, the outing for members to Musselburgh Old Course in September and the Hickory Open.


Hickory Open. For the first time it was a one day event and proved a successful format. Winners were “1744 Rule 13 Revivers” defeating “Foot of Leith Walk II” in the final by 4 and 3. Thanks to the generosity of David Caplan of Jeneil’s the Jewellers, engraved quaichs were presented to all four finalists.


Dates for 2006 events. These had been set to ensure publicity in the City of Edinburgh Future Sport Brochure and listing in The Scotsmans Sports Calendar 


Aims of the Society. President Douglas Foulis addressed the meeting, reminding us of the Aims of the Society and how important it is to have something we can see to remind us of the important part Leith has played in the history of Golf.  He then regaled us with anecdotes about golfers visiting Musselburgh from Royal Liverpool (venue of the 2006 Open Championship) and from Helsinki and his hopes that in future in Leith there would be something for visitors to “See” “Read” “Touch” and “Do”.  In addition he added how important it is to develop and maintain links with the golfing people at Musselburgh and at Muirfield


Hill of Tarvit. Following the election of the new committee, one of our members, David Anderson, explained how he is working with the National Trust at Hill of Tarvit to bring back into existence the Golf Course dug up in 1939.


The AGM was followed by a Special Golf Quiz prepared and run by committee member, Brian Graham . Winners with close to the maximum score were the Musselburgh Old Course team of Lionel Freedman and Edward Whoriskey.


Very many thanks went again to the Leith Franklin Academicals Cricket Club for allowing the Society to hold the AGM and committee meetings in the Clubhouse.