Leith Rules Golf Society
The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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AGM 2017



Our AGM was held on 24th January 2017 at Seafield Bowling Club


Secretary Brian Graham opened the meeting by mentioning 4 of our founder members who were no longer with us, Douglas Foulis, Philip Knowles, Lionel Freedman and Bob Burns. All had contributed greatly to the development of the Society in their own way.


The main change to our office-bearers for this year has come from loss of our President, Douglas Foulis. We are delighted to report that John Dixon has agreed to succeed Douglas and this was unanimously accepted by the meeting. John is one of our founder members, bring involved since the very first moves to organise ourselves. Since then, he has been a supporter in many practical ways helping with the provision of clubs and balls for the Hickory Open held annually on Leith Links. He has also acted as speaker at a number of our events over the years bringing his own unique insight to historical objects.

We look forward to working with John in the future.


The list of Office-Bearers are:-


John Dixon


Brian Graham


David Kay


Pat Denzler; Robin Miller; Fraser Paterson

The committee are empowered to co-opt others as they require them during the year.


After the formal part of the meeting was concluded, Statue Chair Pat Denzler gave a report on the major progress that is being made with the Statue. Further details are on the Statue page. We are getting ever closer!