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The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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Return challenge match versus Bruntsfield Short Hole at Bruntsfield - 22nd July 2010

The match this year was played over 27 of the 36 holes at Bruntsfield and in the usual practice, due to the specialist nature of the course our hosts gave each match an advantage before we teed off, this year 8 holes.

A small hiccup before the start; we turned up with 10 players whilst our hosts only had 8. It was quickly agreed that in two of the matches one BSH player would take on two from LRGS, with the start advantage being reduced to 4 holes.

The shot of the evening though was the very first one. Pat Denzler, teeing off for the Society, hit the pin and ricocheted a few inches away. If only it had gone in we could have declared the match a draw and immediately retired to the 19th to allow Pat to treat us all!


Pat's shot did not result in a win at this hole though, as her opponent, Stuart Rose, slotted in a fairly long putt for a half. And it was not until the 4th that Stuart had anything worse than a 2 on his card, his opponents almost fainting with astonishment when he actually missed a putt on the 4th green and slumped to a par-3! The results of the 5 matches were:-

Pat Denzler and Alastair Chalmers lost to Stuart Rose by 3&2
Andrew Gordon and David Maguire won 3&2 against Steven Doyle
Richard Ellis and Eugene Bradley defeated Jimmy Robertson and Gordon Cochrane 5&4
Robin Morris and Douglas Foulis won 6&5 against Ian Hislop and Ron Archer
Jim Maguire and Jim Colville won 4&3 against William Wright and David Rintoul


So the Society triumphed 4-1. To be fair, the generous handicap given by our opponents was a factor, but nevertheless a win is a win!

Brian Graham, our regular match captain, was on holiday and therefore Alastair Chalmers deputised. Even from afar Brian took a keen interest and texted Alastair to ask the score. When told the good news he enquired which match had lost! So Alastair's jacket is still on a shoogly peg for next year?


In his speech at the "19th/28th hole", Alastair commented his was a rare occurrence - a winning captain's speech against BSH. The hospitality offered by our hosts was again first class and the real winner of the evening was as always our great game of golf.