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The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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Challenge match versus Bruntsfield Short Hole at Leith Links - 3rd July 2014

"For a memorable golfing experience using traditional hickory clubs, come to Leith Links and play on the very turf where golf's earliest rules were written"

The result was the same as last year - 2
-1, but sadly, whilst we won by this score last year, the score was not in our favour this year! So the score in the series has extended to 5-2 in favour of our always welcome visitors.


The match results were -

Robin Miller and Robin Morris defeated David Rintoul and Evelyn Watson 4&3
Richard Ellis and Ian Gilmour lost to Paul Middleton and Clark Munro 3&2
Eugene Bradley and Pat Denzler lost to Fraser Gordon and Ian Hislop 1 up
Alastair Chalmers and Jim Scanlon halved with William Wright and John Hargreaves


The final match produced 2 memorable shots from Jim that deserve to be described here.

At the long 3rd, Alastair hit a decent drive, but the ball found itself extremely close to one of the park benches. Our local rules cover this situation, quite simply lampposts, rubbish bins, seats etc are an "integral part of the course", so play the ball as it lies or take relief under a penalty. Jim elected to play it, but found
the only way he could address the ball was to STAND ON THE PARK BENCH and bend down! Remarkably, he managed to move the ball so Alastair had a clear go at their next shot!

And secondly, standing on the last tee dormie 1-down, it would be fair to say that Jim did not hit his best drive of the evening. It cleared the out of bounds path, hit the fencing bordering the allotments, careered down the path and hopped back onto the course well down the fairway. Alastair then proceeded to pitch onto the green, Jim holed the putt for a birdie 3 to half the match! Class shows through at the end of the day? Ask their opponents for a differing vies!