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The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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The Foulis Medal - 8th July 2016

"For a memorable golfing experience using traditional hickory clubs, come to Leith Links and play on the very turf where golf's earliest rules were written"

The Foulis Medal was presented to the Society by our  President, Douglas Foulis, in 2007, and is competed for each year by Leith-based organisations. This year therefore saw the 10th anniversary of the event.

The scores were one again quite close, but it has to be said that they were rather on the high side this year, to say the least! The winning score was the second highest in the history of the event, bettered (or should that be "worsened"!) by 2012 when the course was almost unplayable due to horrendous weather. OK, the course was very soft due to recent rain, so there was no "run" and it was a bit windy, but no real reasons can be found for the high scoring, it's just what golf is about, the highs and the lows, the elation and the frustrations!

The main question before play started was whether Jeneil could make it a hat-trick of wins, or could someone step forward and stop them? The answer to the first part of the question was "yes", but to be honest Jeneil had "one of those nights" and were never close to retaining the trophy.

It would be understandable if Leith Historical Society were the most disappointed, as they scored well on 7 holes and poorly on the other 3; if they had even scored "average" on those 3 they would have been comfortable winners. But as everyone says after  a round - "if only ....".

The full list of scores were:-

50 - South Leith Parch Church
52 - Leith Historical Society
54 - Bruce Stevenson II, Leith Franklin Cricket Club, Jeneil,
55 - Duke Street URC Church
60 - Bruce Stevenson I
59 - Bruce Stevenson II
67 - Leith Rotary I

68 - Leith Rotary III
70 - Leith Rotary II


So, congratulations to South Leith Church (Alex Fleming and Alastair Chalmers) who took ownership of the valued trophy for the 5th time.