Leith Rules Golf Society
The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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The Foulis Medal - 6th June 2018

"For a memorable golfing experience using traditional hickory clubs, come to Leith Links and play on the very turf where golf's earliest rules were written"

The Foulis Medal was presented to the Society by our  President, Douglas Foulis, in 2007, and is competed for each year by Leith-based organisations. This was the 12th year we have held the event. 

This year we had 9 teams taking part. Just like the rest of the country we have been in the middle of a heatwave, so the course was very burnt and fiery. The other drawback was that the fine weather brought out many other people onto the Links, so even greater care than usual was required to avoid a hefty insurance claim!

The winners again this year were Jeneil the Jewellers, with a score of 42, 2 better than their winning score last year. In joint 2nd place on 43 were South Leith Church and Leith Historical Society.

However, this did not tell the full story. After his putt came up short by millimetres, David Caplan of Jeneil, went forward and touched it in. This of course broke the alternate shot rule. However, the true spirit of golf came to the fore; David was minded to forfeit their victory, but the runners up would not hear of it, given the miniscule length of the putt he incorrectly holed. But David still had a price to pay - he had to give one of the runners up a bit of his second pie in the clubhouse. Oh, the tangled web that golfers weave!