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The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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Outing to Hill of Tarvit  - 13th July 2013


The delightful summer weather seemed to be continuing as we set off from Edinburgh, but the day turned out to be rather dull and overcast, though warm with a light breeze.

  The advice printed on the ball is not just for fun, it is essential for playing the course. Taken from Bobby Jones' maxim - "Slow down and complete your backswing. More hands and wrists and less upper body". But do us mere mortals really listen to one of the all-time greats? Of course not!


The weather was the only part of the day that was in any way "dull". From David Anderson's chat about all things Kingarrock whilst offering us the usual glass of port or whisky, through the delight and challenge of playing a genuine hickory course, the excellent lunch, the day rounded off with ginger beer and shortbread as David and our party discussed the history of Kingarrock, the present and most importantly, its future.

For the record, the winner was Chester Kruk, but that hardly matters, the day was not about winning, but having another wonderful golfing experience that is simply not available on modern courses.

David and Michelle, together with all the others in their organisation, continue to provide an exceptional golfing experience and we once again thank them for their excellent hospitality.

If you have never played the course - go and do so. If you have, go back again! Please contact them to arrange a visit, we are certain you will not be disappointed.