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The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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Outing to Liberton- 7th September 2018

Our autumn outing was held on a bright day at Liberton. It had been heavy rain in the morning, but by our tee-off times the course had dried out very well and was in its usual excellent condition. 8 players took part and as is nearly always the case the result was close with everyone enjoying both the course, the company and the banter/food afterwards.

The winner was Robin Miller with 35 points. He was definitely "Mr Consistency" as he had 15 scores of either 4 or 5 on his card. A thoroughly merited victory. Runner-up was Alison Macdonald with 33 points, a "blob" at the 15th costing her dear.

It is always good to record unusual, or even unique, events that happen. This time it was 2 new excuses for those who were "also-rans".

One player, having seen the wet weather in the morning and knowing the course, decided to wear spiked shoes for the first time since last winter; he stated that he felt tired towards the end because obviously he was not used to his spikes digging into the fairways! A quick examination of his card showed however, that his best period in the round was around the turn and that he had started and ended badly, this destroying his theory. A good try though!

The second excuse was from a player who was playing with his mother. As she is a quick player and as a two-ball he was anxious not to get too far ahead of the rest of the 3-balls, he claimed he had deliberately taken more shots to try to slow her up! As his net score was 20 over SSS we can only conclude that his mother must have been Wonder Woman (for those that remember ancient TV programmes) if he needed to slow her up that much!