Leith Rules Golf Society
The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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March 7th 2010 

35 members and friends attended our celebration of the 266th anniversary of the signing of the original rules at Leith Lynx restaurant in Leith.

The first action was to present Archie Baird with a life membership certificate in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Society and to the preservation of the history of golf in Scotland.

After an excellent lunch and the usual "golf chatter", David Purdie spoke to us on the general subject of "The Gowff".

He told of the occasion Sam Torrance asked him to assist with the Ryder Cup, to which David admitted that he was only an amateur player, but that if Sam felt he was worthy he would certainly play.  Sam then gently clarified that he was wanting him as his speechwriter!  


David clearly feels an affinity to fellow Ayrshiremen as he is fulfilling the same role for Colin Montgomerie later this year. We hope the team under his speechwriting leadership will be as equally successful !

He described explaining to Colin that he did not want payment for this role, but that if at the end of the tournament he happened to say to him "I need a new putter" ..... to which Monty replied "you're not the only one!"


Where did our game originate ? David admitted that nobody knows for sure, but stated that in his view Leith Links and Bruntsfield Links were where the game started to evolve into what it is nowadays. Hear hear!

If you took away everything else that Scotland has given to the world and left just the game of golf, then we could still hold our heads up. What other sport can be played by those age 9 to 90, takes you out in the fresh air (and rain!) and teaches a code of behaviour and ethics that stands the person in good stead for life ?

That ethos started at Leith Links in the 18th century.


Society Secretary Brian Graham thanked David for his talk and formally presented him with a club tie.

President Douglas Foulis brought the event to a close and said he was already looking forward to the 7th March 2011!


Archie Baird (L) received his life membership certificate from President Douglas Foulis





David Chalmers admires the Rattray statue - "he stands just like I do!"








Guest speaker David Purdie in action 






If this pair entered the Hickory Open their team would have to be called "The Traffic Lights"