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The aim of the Society is to increase the recognition of Leith Links as the home of the earliest recorded rules of golf and one of the game's prominent early locations

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May 2014 - Musselburgh Old comfortably see off the Society - again!


The weather clearly inspired our Society Secretary, Brian Graham, to think of the Master of rock ‘n’ roll – Buddy Holly – and he started his report thus -“The sun was out, the sky was blue, there was only one cloud to spoil the view but it was raining – raining in our hearts”. 

More pragmatically, he continues –

“this is what it felt like as we trudged off the course at the end of a drubbing from Musselburgh  Old Course Golf Club.

The score was 4˝ to ˝ in favour of the home team. Credit to Robin Morris and Chester Kruk for getting our half and Lionel Freedman and Pat Denzler for taking their match to the last green. So well done to them for their efforts.

Our other players were Jim Maguire and Robin Miller; David Maguire and Ken Gordon and Jim Scanlon and Eugene Bradley.

Back in the clubhouse an excellent lunch followed with discussion of what could and should have been, however this sadly did not affect the result, which stayed the same!

Well done to Musselburgh on a good overall team performance, the score is now 7-2 in their favour.